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Hamlin Township Pennsylvania!

Many Thanks...

My heartfelt Thanks goes out to you folks that have emailed and called during my recent stint in the Hospital, it's truly appreciated.

After five weeks of being released from my 13 day stay in Hamot for Pneumonia, I've caught up with work and my health and will again be writing some muses on this site.

If you have anything you want to talk about just fire away...

And again, thanks to all of you who passed on their best wishes.


Corbett, Governor or Dictator?

On Friday, the 11th of January, our Governor announced  his plan to privatize our Commonwealths Lottery Program and awarded a 20 year contract to a company from the UK. This is so wrong for a number of reasons and for the folks in this area should send a strong message when this man decides to run for re-election in '14.

Senator Scarnati's office, thru his  spokesman Drew Compton said that there is a meeting scheduled on Monday the 14th that was supposed to shed some light on this deal that was mainly put together without any legislators involved, either democrat or republican. He said this is unacceptable. "Everyone was quite clear on why we were going to have this meeting on Monday and that was to publicaly vet both sides of this deal". This whole package, which will probably cost at least 150 more jobs, has been put together behind closed doors and is no way to turn over a multi-billion dollar business that belongs to all of us. And it's a profitable business.

Here is a link to the Pennsylvania's House Website that states last years totals below.

PA Lottery Facts (2011-12):

  • Total lottery sales increased by 8.5 PERCENT over the previous year -- to a total of $3.48 BILLION
  • Total Net Revenues (profits) increased by 10.4 PERCENT over the previous year -- to $1.06 BILLION
  • Administrative costs dropped by 0.8 PERCENT over the previous year -- saving $606,164 in administrative costs.
  • Administrative costs as a percent of sales dropped over the previous year -- to 2.1 PERCENT from 2.3 PERCENT in 2010-11.
  • The PA Lottery's profit margin (net revenues as a percent of total sales) grew to 30.48 PERCENT from 29.95 PERCENT in the previous year.

The Pennsylvania Lottery is the only lottery in the nation that directs all profits to programs that benefit senior citizens – like PACE, Property Tax/Rent Rebate and Shared Ride. Every single lottery dollar diverted from PA Lottery profits to a for-profit management company is a dollar taken from programs that help seniors.

So Why, why is Corbett pulling this BS.? He might have even pushed his own party a little to far this time. Last month The Patriot-News of Harrisburg reported that when Illinois’ lottery contractor didn’t meet prescribed revenue targets, it didn’t make up the difference and then it sued the state. Indiana is the only other state with a privatized lottery and it is having problems also. So Why Mr. Corbett?

We'll update this post after the meeting on Monday

Say What Mr. Compton and Mr. Raught ?????

Usually I'm up and out of the house before the Bradford Era is delivered to the house, but since it was the day before Thanksgiving and the paper being a little early, I was able to scan the front page headlines and noticed one at the bottom of the page.

Regional police discussed in Mount Jewett, Hamlin Twp.

First off, this was discussed at a meeting  back in August of 2011 and I know that because it was one of the 80 to 90 that I have attended over the years.

Secondly, one of the reasons both of these guys were quoted in the Era for wanting such an agreement was to enforce ordinances. Seriously ? That is the job of the supervisors, to enforce our ordinances along with other duties of the position. All they have to do is 'Do their job'...

I can understand, because I've witnessed it, the speeding through Hazel Hurst. Not sure about 70mph as the article suggested, but many, many times above the 35mph that is posted.

So if, as the article suggested, the township would need approximately 18,000 per year to have a full time ordinance enforcement officer and part time traffic police coverage, I'm all for it...Mr. Raught was quoted as saying "the Township does not have the funds to make the proposed merger"...

Well, how about this Mr. Raught...Lets take that  $35,000 or so a year it costs for health insurance  on you, the other supervisors and a couple of employees and put that towards enforcement of ordinances and traffic control...Wouldn't that benefit more of the citizens of the Township. You raised our taxes last year to pay for the insurance so I think we should roll that back and do more to protect the Township as a whole...

Election Night

5:30 pm here in Western Pa. and, as usual on Election night I'm taking my position at my 'puter and in front of a tv. Only 90 minutes till the first polls start closing, or as I say, 'till the packages start opening on Christmas morning. 

First thing I do is turn on the tv to Fox 'news'. Scrolling across the bottom of the screen was another attempt at slamming the pres. for this outrages failure of his...anyway, that's for another day.

Tonight, I'm enjoying watching these folks readying themselves for a victory party for I wrote last week, congratulations Mr. President and continue on with your plan for the next four years. 303/235 Electoral victory

Ah, 7pm looking at the faces, the writings on the wall at fox 'news'. Even Charles Krauthammer concedes that pathway to 270(that magical electoral college number) is going to be tough without Virginia and the right side was hoping to call it when the polls closed at 7, but it's too close...

Four Days 'till the Election

Man, what an election cycle it's been.

The Republican primaries, remember those days? With Romney trashing all of his opponents the way he has(unsuccessfully) been trying to trash the President. Another day, another Romney Lie. That's all he can do to catch the daily wind that happens to be blowing.

Anyways, we unfortunately know that the 'Popular Vote' is not what counts in our country, a hard lesson learned in 2000, with the supreme court choosing our president. We are bound by the 'Electoral College', a part of the Constitution that the founders established as a go between the President being elected by Congress and a popular vote of eligible citizens, for what ever reason. That is still unsure to me.

But, since it does come down to the electoral college, I'm going out on a limb with my sense of the way it's going to come down.

As of this Friday afternoon, some polls show Romney leading the popular vote nationwide but the President having a slight edge in the EC.  I see the EC ending up as  303/235 Obama/Romney. Now, that is giving Romney win in the Swing States of Florida and North Carolina, both of which are still really close. If Obama takes Florida, it would be 332/206, a real possibility with Romney holding a 1 point lead. Either way, I'll go with 303/235

The folks in these states are realizing that Romney is just grasping at straws, as our economy improves in almost all of the indicators, he's just flinging lies and half-truths at the wall.

Welcome to a second term Mr. President, you've earned it.

2012 - America vs Romney

And his Corporate Greed.


With that said, I'm a 58 yr. old independent switch hitting voter, but I usually swing from the left hand side and this year that will be the case, from the President on down


There's a big problem for someone who is giving our current President a hard time about China and jobs here in this country. On November 5th, the day before the election, another business that Bain Capital(Romney's Company) has purchased will be closing it's doors and moving to China. Sensata, a 60 year old automotive sensor maker in Freeport Ill., is the latest in a long line of companies with the same fate. Not only are we loosing another 175 jobs in this economy, Bain Capital is also packing up the machinery and is in the process of moving it to China into a brand new factory that the Chinese Government has built for them. More US technology going to China. And Mr. Romney's share of this move? By most accounts from people who know, it's from 8 to 10 Million $$$, thru his 'blind trusts' in the Cayman Islands. Bain even made our factory take down the American Flag when the Chinese came over to learn how to run the equipment.


Yet Mr. Romney does nothing but claim he will be 'tough' on China. Right...And that he knows how to create jobs. Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth from 2002 to 2006 when he was Governor there. Impressive! He's been a 'net exporter' of jobs in his business career.


Then there's the other half of the ticket, Ryan. Voted for all of the measures as a house member that has lead to our Country's debt, medicare part D, two wars, two major tax cuts for the rich, while saddling us with the promise to pay.


Moreover, they are aligning with Bush's Economic and Foreign advisers. If that's the direction you want, these folks are for you. Just hang onto your job, your wallet, your benefits and those signs in your yards.