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nice article Now that your site has been brought to my attention I may at time post a link to your site on the facebook mountjewettreview page.

12/31/12 @ 08:18
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks for stopping by…

I wish our supervisors would take their jobs seriously, it’s their responsibility to enforce ordinances within our Township


12/31/12 @ 15:14
Comment from: Guest [Visitor]

Nice to know that Don Compton is a township supervisor. This man isn’t even allowed in the Bradford Walmart anymore, for reasons that some people know.

12/31/12 @ 17:30
Comment from: [Member]

That was brought up in more than one meeting over the last few years and no one at those meetings took it seriously.

Elections have consequences, so they say and Don’s seat is up for election this coming November…

12/31/12 @ 18:39

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