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HazelHurst used to be a nice place to live . We never went our town because it was so bad , with dilapidated houses , junk cars and etc . Now it is the place to live . Over town is disgusting . Some places it is a good thing there is a curb , because if not they would be shutting down RT 6 with their junk or whatever . I know my dads house is awful and I was really hoping it would be torn down this past summer . I really would hope our supervisors will do something about it except just talk about it . All that town ever does is attract more people that don’t care , because they know they can get away with it .

12/31/12 @ 10:18
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Thanks for stopping by, and you are right, some folks just don’t care


12/31/12 @ 15:11
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I was born and raised in H H 1938 a great place to live as a youngester until I went in to the USAF 4 plus years
HazelHurst today when I (we) go there is a bit of a let down The town is in need of ,,,for most part replacement , So run down ,, BUT when there the people and relatives I know there are just the nicest people on earth. After Living in meny places around the states and countries, Its also a pleasure to be back in H H visiting Its beautiful there ,hopeing to back there in 2014 Great time in HH

10/29/13 @ 02:56

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