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Hamlin Township Pennsylvania!

NFL Draft

Just a little over 30 days and the NFL Draft will begin it's 3 day show-o-rama, April 30th thru May 2nd.

Being a New Orleans Saints fan, I'm very exited about this years draft. We have more picks than we've had in the last 7 years and a couple in the first round.

Most of you are prolly Steelers or Bills fans, or any of the other 29 teams, but here's a place to have a little conversation about the upcoming draft and 2015 Nfl Season

All the Best

An Amazing Read

If you are concerned at all about the Health of Pa's natural resources, or the way they are being stripped away from under our noses, please have a look at this PDF file from Penn Environment

What caught my eye are the 'multiple' violations that some of these companies have and say it's just a part of doing business. If the past four years of corporate tax cuts while slashing DEP's regulatory power and manpower, we need to get behind a push to have these funds and manpower restored to save our quality of life.

Severance Tax

I was not surprised to read the comments from Rep. Martin Causer R-Turtlepoint and Rep. Matt Gabler R-DuBois about the Severance Tax proposed by Gov. Wolf. The article in the Bradford Era, Thurs. February 12th "Area Lawmakers Skeptical of Tax Proposal"

Causer says "It would make Pennsylvania's tax one of the highest in the Nation". And your point is Mr. Causer?

Gabler states "he believes it would have a negative impact on jobs and the economy in our area". We've heard this before from Republicans over the last few years Mr. Gabler. The big oil companies that fund your re-elections are just going to take their ball and go home, not continue producing gas from our rich shale formations. Right!

But yet both of these Representatives chose to impose on the citizens of our State the highest tax on a gallon of gas in the nation? Money into the pocket, double speak coming out of their mouths.

Here's the stat line on Pa. from an article posted in USA Today dated Jan. 20th of this year. It was from a study done by the Wall Street Journal listing the least expensive gas tax per gallon to the most expensive, 50 being the highest.

50. Pennsylvania
> Tax as pct. of gas price: 21.3% (the highest)
> State fuel tax: 50.5 cents per gallon (the highest)
> Gas price: $2.38 (7th highest)

"Pennsylvania has the nation’s highest fuel taxes, at 50.5 cents per gallon. This is due to the state’s relatively new gas tax, passed in 2013. The new tax is charged on fuel transactions and is based on the wholesale price of gas — although the reference price used is locked in for roughly another two years and then becomes subject to an even higher minimum. The tax is designed to raise money for construction and necessary repairs for bridges and roads throughout the state."

I think it's time that they singled out the most destructive industry to our roads and bridges and make them pay the 'extra' tax that most other natural gas producing States charge. By the time the industry friendly 'Act 13 Impact Fees' are made to the local communities, there isn't much left to help local municipalities cope with the damage.

You can see the entire article here

Let's do a little exercise!

No, you can remain seated, no need to get up and start jumping jacks or anything. This will be a 'mental' exercise.

Clear your mind for a minute.

Think political parties.

Think Democrat. Think Republican.

Think Local, State, Federal.

Ok, ready?

Name one bill or law that was put forward and passed by the Republicans that had the best interest of the middle class in mind when they did it!

Take your time. Think, Think harder!

Well? If you can Think of just one you've done better than I have.

Now if we can just get people to Think when they go to the polls this year, we might be able to turn things around for the middle class.

Missed It!

Got stuck working over the weekend and last night. Was not able to attend the Supervisors Meeting, anyone willing to share their recollection of what went on?


Open Records

Well, when Tom Corbett two weeks ago appointed a longtime senate 'staffer' for the Republican party to head Pennsylvania's Open Records division, I let my emotions get the best of me. I called it a sham, a disgrace and other words that can't be printed anywhere. I didn't post here as I wanted to see if our New Governor was going to have something to say about it. And did he ever!

Thursday, Gov. Wolf undid the appointment of Eric Arneson and is now searching for someone else to head the dept. Oh, of course this has the GOP in our senate fuming and let them fume. This man has done nothing to have earned his taxpayer's paid salary of 135k for the last 5 years except to be a 'marketer' of the message.

If you have never tried to get record from a Government agency you don't know what a daunting task it was before the open records commission was formed and with a republican crony appointed to oversee it would only lead to rolling back what has been progress since the whole plan was put into place 6 years ago.

I personally applaud this taking back of a 'crony' appointment. Stay tuned as they say.