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Hamlin Township Pennsylvania!

Miscellaneous Postings

This category can be used for any topic that is not already a category. Feel free to post what's on your mind.

Meeting July 11th

A regular scheduled meeting was held at 10am July 11th with all three supervisors in attendance and a lower than normal crowd. These are not the official minutes.

In the public comments, folks were heard about illegal dumping near their property and some cleanup had began after the supervisors had sent a letter to the person that had been doing the dumping and burying. This had been going on a while and finally the supervisors took action at the last meeting. there may be hope yet...

Sups heard on going complaints about junk and junkyards and it was laid out to them what the new lawsuit would entail if they again kicked the can down the road.

Since last November, a couple of concerned citizens have proposed an ordinance to protect a property owners well and drinking water with the upcoming onslaught of fracking that is just beginning in the Township. Again, nothing had been done with this ordinance and I would say that this was the most contentious argument of the day. Doing nothing, as has been the case for over a half a year is not an option anymore. We have to defend the rights of all folks living in the area.

Heard reports from the secretary, last months minutes approved, treasurers report and the incoming bills that needed to be paid.

From one report, the BBQ/Dice run sponsored by the fire dept. was a success. 91 Bikes and riders were registered and all made it back to the firehall. They plan on hosting it again next year.

In some old business, talk of an ordinance that would require anyone on or near the 4th of July to register and get a permit to hold a fireworks display. No body wants more government but landowners and neighbors have a right to know when it's going to happen. And in an especially dry year, the Township should have the right to cancel.

In new business, the first item was 'Talk about ammended budget'...from before the meeting began, this one peaked my interest. Budget was done earlier this year, so why was it ammended? Seems there were a couple of clerical errors, ooops...I have a copy of the ammended one and will look it over the next couple of days to see where we 'just moved some things around' to make it right.

Talked about a couple of 'Dangerous Buildings' that are in Hazel Hurst. One with a roof falling in and another in disrepair also. Sups said they could be purchased at tax sale and then what. One suggestion was to purchase at tax sale by the Township, level the buildings and then offer vacant land to the neighbors one either side. Ideas were tabled to next meeting.

Heard from  Sups about a request to sign and send renewal to PNC for our bond on General Obligations. This is not a new loan or anything like that, just renewal of the bond.

Discussion about how many of the camps/summer places in the are don't have 911 addresses. Was brought up by a citizen that the engineering company that did the 911 assesment in the first place should have taken care of it and should be contacted for more info.

Discussed part of the 'Agility Program' from PennDot for alternate side parking during the winter thru Hazel Hurst to allow better plowing thru the Hamlet. Everyone was in agreement that it was a good idea and should be followed thru with.

A complaint was brought up about speeding on the Division St. ext. Not much could be done unless we had some form of law enforement in the Township. Mt. Jewett Borough has no juridiction unless the speeder hadn't slowed down coming back into town.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45

Both sides of his mouth

I prefice this with saying that I would link to Saturdays article in the Bradford Era, the one with the headline 'Thompson convenes shale drilling hearing'. But since you have to register just to read it online, I won't...I don't like that policy just to read an article that was in the paper! I can see requiring registration if you want to post, but not just to read...Bad on you Era, who would link to that website...

Anyways, the article talks about the need to allow drilling in all National Forests, not just the Allegheny, "the role of the federal forests in providing resources to meet the energy needs of this country"... Bunk!!!

This man had better look in the mirrow when he speaks, one-to see which side of his mouth he's talking from and two-to see who might be listening to his babble. Just earlier this year the man, in a PittsburghLive article, chirped the advantages of 'exporting our natural gas to China' and other countries we don't have a free trade agreement with. He supports the building of terminals in Louisiana and Maryland to handle the 'supposed' surplus that the Marcellus will produce.

To me, he has no inclination to keep the gas in this country, let alone our state to meet our needs. If the damn development of the shale formation provides a suplus, then let's store some here for future use, releiving the 'supply and demand' problems that cause the spikes in price for natural gas. Having a supply system across the state should 'lower' the price we Pennsylvanians pay thru our metered source for heat and running electric plants and other businesses. That is how any surplus should be handled first and foremost, not sent out of this state, let alone this country.

The American Public Gas Association, with over 700 members in 36 states, wrote the Department of Energy that "the export of natural gas is inconsistent with a policy of energy independence." Glenn, get on board with taking care of this country first and quit worrying about mega rich companies, and their bottom lines...that freely send you money!

Go to the if you don't have the July 9th edition handy, you are on your own to register or not. But I will link to a couple of other places that 'freely' let you read what they print.

Different assesments is a good place to start. The article where he bactracks on Americas Energy Independence.

Time to write a letter to the congressman and let him know that he is supposed to be looking out for the 5th District's well being and quit lining his pockets.


Injection well blamed for Earthquakes? Arkansas

Only time will tell, but I think it's about time that drilling, whether for oil or natural gas, has to be looked at for enhancing earthquake activity in a given area. How often can we as humans keep puncturing the earths crust and not think we are causing a problem. Then again, like most things controlled by big oil, they probably know they are creating some problems but have staffs of legal folks to blow any theory out of the water or just dismiss them completely.

Anyway, a couple of natural gas(fracking) companies have been drilling injection wells used in the disposal of their spent fracking fluids. Massive holes are drilled a mile or two down and then the fluids are forced into the holes. Millions of gallons of chemical laden muck forced into cracks and crevices and in this case, into what is called the 'Madrid Fault'. It's a known active fault line running through that part of the country that fracking may be bringing to life

But since the well drilling began, numerous earthquakes have been recorded on a daily basis, with two of the largest in 35 years happening in the last couple of weeks.

Here's a link to a google search for 'Arkansas Earthquakes' so you can take a look for yourself at different articles about this situation.




$1,700 - Last Court Case..

Hamlin Township Supervisors were sued last year for failure to uphold it's ordinance #21, The Hamlin Township Junkyard Ordinance. This suit, even tho they 'won', still cost the Taxpayers of Hamlin Township Seventeen Hundred dollars and change to defend in the Court of Law.

I, admin of this site, brought this lawsuit(by myself, without an attorney). I filed the nescesarry paperwork and represented myself along with a law that has been on the books since Aug. '89... Wasn't asking for a new law or any favors in any way, just looking for our law to be enforced.

Anyways, the lawyer from Erie charged the Township to defend it the above figure and it cost me less than $150.00 and my time. But the Judge had to give me a hearing, had to give me my day in court because, after all, it's a law.

A law that is backed by a Federal Mandate which required the States to enact a law, which required Municipalities to establish a law to keep 'scrap yards, junk yards, junk dealers' off of Federal Aid Highways or risk losing maintenance funds for those roads thru the Township, the penalty being 10% per violation. In this Township, that is Route 219, Route 6 and the road to the Kinzua Bridge State Park. Use your thoughts and see in our Township how many violations there might be and multiply by 10. 5 or more violations have been brought to the Supervisors, so let's just use a 40% figure, four violations of a Federal Law.

Will the Attorney from Erie, on this next lawsuit, be willing to 'fight the fight' against the State and the Feds. If so, it would be for a price and in the end, the taxpayers are stuck for the tab while the Supervisors are not out a nickel, wrong. You were elected/appointed to uphold the laws of the Township and protect all of the citizens.

Anyways, the Feds and Commonwealth are looking for places to cut in this economic time, I wonder if this type of Lawsuit has any chance of failing. Instead of cutting funding for public schools, counties and municipalities, they cut back on violations of existing laws, liquid fuels violations.

Yet the state law requires that the maintenance to these roads still have to be done. Yeah, the roads still have to be maintained, but now 40% of that cost will come from the General Fund of our Township.

When will the supervisors get it...?

$5,200 Mistake by our Supervisors

First off, I prefice this post with the fact that only two of the current supervisors(Don Compton and Guy Raught) were seated at the time of this incident. The current secretary was not yet in her position either. But, the  problem still remains in my opinion and that is the lacidasical way that the supervisors go about their business.

Every two years, the Commonweaths Auditor General inspects our recordkeeping for everything,  but in  this case, I'm talking about the Liquid Fuels Fund, for the two years ending December 31st, 2010.

In that audit, the person in charge of the audit found that we did not keep 'time sheets' to support a transfer of $5,238.00 from the liquid fuels fund to our general treasury, which would have been perfectly legal to do because it was for work on the highways in our township. That's one of the expense's that we can use the money for...But nooooo...No time sheets so the Township(TaxPayers) had to eat the $5 grand out of our general fund, a cost to us taxpayers that should not have happened, no excuse...

Here's the link to the report and it has a couple of other nice gems that the auditor didn't like about the way we were/are keeping the books

How long can we put up with this...? Elections are this November