58 to 40, Republicans kill vet bill for politics

Veterans Job Corp Act of 2012, as it was formerly called, came to an end this week with the help of a Senator from Pa.

Pat Toomey, need I say a 'Republicant' voted along with 39 other Republicant Senators to defeat a bill that would allow employers to target our Veterans with new hiring going forward. But since this would have looked like a 'win' for our current President only five weeks before the election, we certainly couldn't have had that now could we.

Toomey falls in line with most Republican leaders, never having served in the military or had a member of his family put or forced into service for this country, but all the willing to send our youngsters off to war. All year long, he had been touting this bill and a version that finally made it to the Senate floor, then came 'put up or shut up' time. Needless to say, he dicked the Vets again for political gain.

Brown, Ma.-Collins,Me.-Heller, Nv.-Murkowski, Ak.-Snowe,Me. were five Republicans that saw thru the hype for the value of putting our Vets back to work, while helping employers fill their needs.

Maybe the downline elections coming up will reflect on some of these 'no' voting Senators and they can become un-employed and looking for work

Lyin Paul Ryan, or Eddie Munster run amock!

OK, for those not old enough to remember Eddie from the cult TV hit 'The Munster's', here's a link to a google search for the little fella. That little triangle piece of hair is so 'in'.

Anyways, yesterday in front of one of the largest voting blocks in the country(AARP), Eddie  went on with his lying ways about Obamacare, medicare and how he and 'MitWit' care about common folks like us. Not only did Ryan get booed by the audience in New Orleans, but many of them got up left the room before he could finish with all of his 'Mitt and Me know what's best for you' schtick.

I understand that Eddie has just purchased some air time over the weekend, to try and regain his house seat in Wisconsin. Not even sure he's going to be able to get his old job back, but it looks like he's beginning to see the writing on the wall...

Voter Fraud Bill a Fraud

With all that is going on in the State of Pennsylvania, or not going on as far as jobs are concerned, our Republican ran political machine decided to create a solution that had no problem. The Voter ID Law, one of the stricktest in the nation, is nothing but a political ploy that's costing the State money to impliment and enforce.

I have a few friends that are Republican that have bought into the talking points of the new law, used in our State and across the nation, like on Fox News(yeah, right). Points like 'well, you have to show ID to rent a car or a motel room, why not when you go to vote?'. What they don't seem to realize as the sheep of their party is that you don't have a 'constitutional right' to rent a car, go to a motel, or any of the other so called scenarios you need to show ID for.

"Prevent Voter Fraud" was used by Corbett and even our local Reps. Causer and Rapp fell in line with this ideological dialogue. During a recent hearing on the Law, one that was brought by attorneys of clients that felt they are being discriminated against, the Lead attorney for the State admitted in Court that there were 'no instances of voter fraud' on record in this State, or anywhere else in the Country that could be used as the backbone for enacting such a law.

It's only because they could, as in 'Elections have Consequences' the court has said. But when you hear House Republican Leader Mike Turzai, in a candid moment, before a group of republicans at the Republican State Committee Meeting in June state that 'Voter ID law enacated so that the Republican nominee can finally win the State of Pa. in the election, done!', you understand why the law was enacted. Of course, he says that his words were mis-interperted and he didn't mean it that way...BS...

Pardon the Confusion

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Now that the Conventions are over!

Seems there are varying thoughts on how the two Major Party Conventions portrayed their respective candidates, but one thing is clear to me. There is more diversity in the Democratic party than that of the Republicans. From the speakers through both programs to the folks in the 'pits', you saw way more folks of color, ethnisity and race at the dems party.

More working class folks are in the Democratic party and as usual, I'm leaning in this years election with the Dems.

Did you notice all of the deceptions, mistruths and out right lies coming from the speakers at this years Republican convention? From Mr. Obama 'Stealing' 716 Billion dollars from Medicare to Dismantling Welfare, never have I seen a party so in love with just hearing themselves speak, whether it was the truth or not.

I will discuss all of the issues for the upcoming election and they will be filled with links to facts. Facts that the republicans seem to just ignore and only want to make the President look like the bad guy in the way our economy is going.


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