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Category: "Federal" - Hamlin Township Pennsylvania!

Category: "Federal"

Advice and Consent of the NRA

Supreme Court justices are nominated by the President of the United States, and thru advice and consent of the US Senate, the nominee is either rejected or put in place as a Justice. That's in the Constitution that the Republicans in this country live or die for, just ask them.

But even before today, they have said that no nominee will even be considered by this Republican controlled Senate until a new President has been elected, so that the will of the people can have a voice in that nominee. My fellow Americans, the people did speak and have a voice in the nomination, we elected our current President twice and that in itself should qualify as 'having a voice'.

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Still Believe Climate Change Isn't Real?

When the Republicans in the House and Senate put together a budget that would have to be passed before the end of last year and sent to President Obama to sign, they thru in a great big sweetener to 'big oil' and that was removing the ban on oil exports. I'm sure their pockets will be lined nicely over the next few months and even speaker Ryan said "this is bigger than 1,000 keystone pipelines". But it's also sadder than those pipelines.

Unlimited/Unfettered export of the oil and natural gas that they tear our countrysides apart to get can now be shipped anywhere, anytime and all the Democrats could muster is 5 paltry years of tax credits for re-newable energy sources. As far back as the 1970's, big oil knew the dangers of carbon emissions from producing oil and natural gas that would do irreversible harm to the planet. Take a look at this article from that talks of a task force formed by the industry in the late 70's. Really sad that we don't do the same to them that we did back when we could prove that the tobacco industry played us all for fools saying there was no evidence that smoking caused cancer or other diseases.

And of course, the republicans on the state level through our budget stalemate have given a green light again to big oil by not taxing an industry that's doing great damage to our roads and landscape. Ever seen a 'fracking pad'? But instead, big oil gets a pass on taking care of the environment and paying for the damage to our highways and bridges. 

And remember, the last installment of the Corbett/Republican led house and senate's gas tax takes effect in one year, Jan. 1st, 2017

Alberta Tar Sands, Keystone XL and the new Provincial Government

The biggest thing to happen to the Keystone XL pipeline project happened last Tuesday and it didn't involve John Boehner or Mitch McConnell spewing right wing reasons we need to have this pipeline.

No, it happened in Alberta Canada, home to the tar sand pits and the extra carbon production that goes on just to get this crap out of the ground. The New Democratic Party(NDP) took control of just about all elected offices that were up in this last general election.

Here are a couple of different articles that you can read for yourself and see how the landscape could be changing.


New Premier

There are plenty of other articles out there about this tidal wave of change that has just occurred but in the second article, the new Premier Rachael Notley was quoted as saying "pledges to stop spending taxpayer money to lobby for it in Washington, D.C.," referring to the pipeline. Folks with any concern for the planet should be relieved with such honesty and hopefully folks on our side of the border will now stop using this as another 'tool' to demonize our President and other climate realists.

Another Strike for Toomey

As the article reports, it's our own 'slightly off the wall' Rep. Senator from Pa. pulling the strings on his own nomination of a judge to the 3rd circuit court of appeals.

Even tho I typed 'slightly off the wall', I truly believe this guy only was elected because of a tea party rally in the last election. He clearly doesn't have all the marbles in the game. He signed the infamous letter to Iran, says no way to Cuba. Heck, he wasn't even born when those two 'hot beds' of foreign policy were developed and instituted.

Just more games by politicians on the right to keep this country on a slow track and against anything that normally a sitting President is granted.

Shameful the way that he and his colleagues are now 'governing' since they have the power of the Senate and the House.

Not with Mr. Obama on this one! Edited

Call it what you want, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), a multi-national 'free trade' deal is anything but a deal for the working folks of this country. After reading and digesting what I can about this very secretive deal, it looks to me like another boon for multi-national corporations that will use it to drive down wages in this country by moving more jobs overseas.

I applaud Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for recently stating that he and his democratic Senators will "put the brakes" on this deal unless two unpopular bills that Republicans refuse to deal with are taken care of first. The frequently stalled infrastructure bill that is necessary for this country to move forward and the amendments/reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act(aka FISA), spying on this country's citizens.

Mr. Obama, instead of another 'go ahead and send your jobs overseas' trade bill gets your signature, do something that will help the folks here in America first.

Update 05/11/15. This seems to be the week that will tell the tale of the TPP. Both the House and the Senate will take up the measure in "earnest" over the next couple of days and it's fate is looking more and more that there just aren't enough votes to pass the trade bill, let alone the 'fast track' ammendment the President and the Republicans want.

Benghazi Re-Do

Over the last couple of weeks, the wonderful do nothing Republicans in the House of Representatives(including our own Glenn Thompson) have convened yet another investigation into the untimely death of four Americans. A tragedy it certainly was, but even this new committee is not designed to protect any of our Americans around the world, just hash through the already drug through the mud folks that had to make split second decisions.

Let's put this in a little perspective. For those of you old enough to remember, let's go back for a minute to the 'Glory Days' of the Reagan administration. If you have to, close your eyes and think back hard to 1983 when a suicide bomber(weren't called terrorists then) drove a truck loaded with explosives into a building occupied by the US Marines in Beirut Lebanon . This act killed almost 250 servicemen. Less than a half a year earlier, another looney killed over 60 folks at our Embassy in Beirut.

Remember these? Remember how no one, not even Democrats or the few Independents were calling for Reagan's head. Quite the opposite as the Democrats controlled both the house and the senate at the time and chose to hold one hearing, and the purpose of that hearing was to do what they could to never let this happen again. If they had chosen to do so, there were more than enought 'smoking guns' that led investigators to shabby actions from the folks in charge, including the main man, Mr. Everything to the Republican party.

In other words, congress back then did their jobs and three months or so later developed a bi-partisan report instead of taking political pokes at a less than stellar performance by the Commander in Chief. Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story.

In, I believe September of 1984 another 'terrorist' bombed another outpost in Beirut. In approximately a year and a half over 300 American Soldiers lost their lives. Mr. Reagan admitted on live TV that the recommendations from Congress and the Pentagon had not been implemented yet and went on to say "Anyone who’s ever had their kitchen done over knows that it never gets done as soon as you wish it would." Can you imagine how much of a heyday Fox news would have with that if it were to come from the lips of President Obama?

Folks, if you have a void in the Benghazi tragedy that just can't be filled, talk to Mr. Thompson, our representative to this do nothing but bitch congress and ask him to restore the funding for the protection of our folks in these outposts and let him know that it's time for the witch hunt to be over.