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An Amazing Read

If you are concerned at all about the Health of Pa's natural resources, or the way they are being stripped away from under our noses, please have a look at this PDF file from Penn Environment

What caught my eye are the 'multiple' violations that some of these companies have and say it's just a part of doing business. If the past four years of corporate tax cuts while slashing DEP's regulatory power and manpower, we need to get behind a push to have these funds and manpower restored to save our quality of life.

Injection well blamed for Earthquakes? Arkansas

Only time will tell, but I think it's about time that drilling, whether for oil or natural gas, has to be looked at for enhancing earthquake activity in a given area. How often can we as humans keep puncturing the earths crust and not think we are causing a problem. Then again, like most things controlled by big oil, they probably know they are creating some problems but have staffs of legal folks to blow any theory out of the water or just dismiss them completely.

Anyway, a couple of natural gas(fracking) companies have been drilling injection wells used in the disposal of their spent fracking fluids. Massive holes are drilled a mile or two down and then the fluids are forced into the holes. Millions of gallons of chemical laden muck forced into cracks and crevices and in this case, into what is called the 'Madrid Fault'. It's a known active fault line running through that part of the country that fracking may be bringing to life

But since the well drilling began, numerous earthquakes have been recorded on a daily basis, with two of the largest in 35 years happening in the last couple of weeks.

Here's a link to a google search for 'Arkansas Earthquakes' so you can take a look for yourself at different articles about this situation.