They Say It Isn't a JunkYard

I was told at a meeting last summer that the place across the road from my home was not a junk yard, that it was "just a guy running his trash business" That quote came from Jim Myers, a current township supervisor. Except for that broke down trash truck, this guy doesn't even own a truck to run a trash business. He sold that business years ago. I wonder what Mr. Myers response would be today? Maybe posting this picture will bring a response to the website conversation they refuse to have at a Township meeting. Nah, hiding behind their table at the meetings is easy to do, just pass it off as one day we'll have someone that can enforce ordinances in the township, at an extra cost to the township, when, in fact the supervisors are the ones to enforce the ordinances.

Your Township, Your Voice. Speak up township residents...

Supervisors, are those vehicles stacked on top of other vehicles? Wonder what happens to brake lines and other hoses, connectors when stacked like that? Stop by my place at 4 in the morning when the air is still and settling into the valley, you'll be able to smell that things aren't the same before they were 'fork lifted' into place. Chemicals everywhere...thx

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