Junkyard Expansion
Junkyard Expansion

Junkyard Expansion

02/10/15 10:03

Even though we have a Junkyard Ordinance in Hamlin Township, our Supervisors have chosen to allow an expansion of the Junk Yard across from my home and other locations in the Township.

The first Picture is from Aug 12 of 2014. Both of those buildings were added illegally in previous years, even tho I complained that the junk yard was getting out of hand and you can see in the second photo that an additional 25 thousand sq. ft. is being added at the end of Sept., the 29th of 2014 to be exact.

This is not only in violation of our JunkYard ordinance, it is also a violation of the Storm Water Management Ordinance that the Township adopted years ago.

A complaint filed on both issues at the October 13th 2014 meeting has fallen on deaf ears again and now it looks like we are going to court. I spent time attending two meetings in the summer of 2015 and was basically told I was a bad neighbor by the supervisors. I wonder how much it's going to be worth to the residents of the Township to pay for legal fees to defend this site and the supervisors that are making these decisions, yet they get off without penalty.

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